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Shop & Reseller

Shop & Reseller

People scattered across our nation depend on you. As repair, metal, metalworking, excavating, manufacturing teams and more, you have a pivotal role to play in keeping your customers’ needs met and smiles on their faces. Epco Sales makes that easier for you with straightforward pricing and all your industrial supplies.

Truly Assistant

Epco is your helpful assistant as you rigorously balance your stack of commitments, deadlines, and vendor inquiries. We reduce your headache in the swirl of information overload with simple service packs, prompt shipping and handling, and professional customer service. Headache, be gone!

Parts bins with supplies filled with Epco Sale supplies

Easy Convenience, It’s Hard to Beat!

As your business continues to grow, management tools for your staff will become more vital than ever. That’s why Epco Sales offers Vendor Managed Inventory with our products for your utmost convenience.

Got Your Back

It’s okay if you’re blurry on the technical details. We’ll ensure that you have all the technical information you need. If your are a wholesale business that sells to the public, you’ll find Epco a hard working teammate that supports you in your retail business, not a competitor. We care about your success!

Discounts that reward you

Sign up for the service tier that best suits you

Venture Production Enterprise
Requirements Enrollment form Retail certification $125/Quarterly minimum Enrollment form Retail certification $500/Quarterly minimum Enrollment form Retail certification $2500/Quarterly minimum
Base Pricing Up to 40% off Up to 45% off Up to 48% off
Precise Quantity
EZ Order Service
Annual Account Review N/A Available by Request
Delivery Charge $9 $6 $3
Bin Checking Monthly Bi-weekly Weekly
Expedited Delivery
(Additional to Delivery Charge)
Rush Fee: No Charge
Rush Fee: No Charge
Rush Fee: No Charge
Restocking Fee for Returns 10% No Charge No Charge

Service Packs

Ever wished you could clone yourself at work? As your enterprise grows, a lot needs to get done. And it needs to get done right. Does customized service sound like an extra? Nope. It’s a productivity tool. A value many times the investment! You’ll love it.

No Service Pack
(bare bones)
$0/mo Bin Stocking: N/A Bin Installation: $60
Owl Pack
$24/mo Monthly Bin Stocking Bin Maintenance
recommended 3
Hawk Pack
(Monthly Service Perks)
$49/mo All of 2+ Free Delivery Free Bin Installation Exclusive Monthly Sales
recommended 4
Falcon Pack
(Bi-weekly Service Perks for Moderate Volume)
$84/mo All Previous + Bi-weekly Bin Stock Bin Configuration Changes Bin Inventory Usage Analysis Vending $90/mo/machine
recommended 5
Eagle Pack
(Weekly Service Perks for High-Volume & Entry-level Vending)
$164/mo All Previous + Weekly Bin Stock Private Labeling* 2 Free Emergency Deliveries/mo Vending $70/mo/machine

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