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Are you looking for bin stocking services to maintain your inventory of screws, bolts, nuts, and other fasteners? As a trusted industrial supplier, EPCO offers custom bin management services to local customers in the Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan region. With delivery schedule options, inventory analysis, bin maintenance, and more, our cost-effective bin services are designed to ensure your fastening product supply remains fully stocked.

Local Bin Stocking & Inventory Management Packages at EPCO

At EPCO, we serve customers in many different industries, each with unique fastener inventory needs. With four different levels of bin management services and pricing options, we have bin stocking solutions designed to work for your specific volume and budget requirements. View the details of our bin services below to explore which service package is best for you. Questions about our services? Contact us, and our staff will gladly help you find the right bin stocking solutions.

Owl Package

The Owl Pack is an ideal bin-stocking solution for shops and garages who require minimal deliveries and inventory management services. The Owl Pack includes $14 bin stocking deliveries up to once a month. Bin installation services are not included in the Owl Package.

Bin stocking service packs Hawk Package

At $34 a month, the Hawk Pack includes free bin installations, bin maintenance services, free delivery, and monthly bin stocking services. The Hawk Pack is ideal for shops and garages who know they will require consistent monthly deliveries.

Falcon Package

Ideal for mid-to-large size shops, resellers, and factories, the Falcon Pack includes all of the benefits of lower packs, along with several additional services. At $84 a month, the Falcon Pack features bi-weekly bin stocking services, bin configuration changes, bin inventory analysis, free delivery, and two included emergency deliveries each month. The Falcon Pack also includes vending machine services for an additional $90 a month.

Eagle Package

At $164 a month, the Eagle Package is our premier bin stocking service pack for shops, resellers, and factories. With all the previous benefits, the Eagle Pack includes the most comprehensive services for high-volume customers. In addition to all the benefits of lower packs, the Eagle Package includes free weekly bin stocking services. The Eagle Pack also features a reduced cost for vending machine services at $70 a month.

EPCO Is Your Trusted Supplier of Bolts, Screws, Nuts, & Bin Management Services

Located in Middlebury, Indiana, EPCO provides customers in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan with premium fasteners, industrial supplies, and personalized add-on services. In addition to bin stocking, we offer comprehensive VMI services, discount tier pricing, and more. Our customers include farms, factories, shops & resellers, and other industrial and commercial businesses. For personalized services designed to meet your industrial supply needs, choose EPCO Sales.

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At EPCO, we want to be your one-stop supplier for industrial fasteners and supplies. Contact us to learn how EPCO can be your source for bin management services.