Around the clock, the businesses and consumers across the state, nation and world are relying on you to deliver. The Epco team is in sync with the heartbeat of the behind-the-scenes supply chain that keeps you rolling. Whether you’re cranking out metal components, assembled products or equipment, we are behind you, providing outstanding service and supplying premium quality products at a fair price.
_x000D_ Epco Sales provides high quality industrial supplies and exceptional service plan options to our factory service customers throughout Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan. To learn more about our service plan tiers and service pack options, give us a call at 574-825-9750 or get in touch with our sales team and we will gladly assist you._x000D_

Detailed, Customized Service Tailored to Your Needs

_x000D_ Your maintenance department and component buyers need options. Our sales team will customize a plan to get you what you need, when and how you want it. We’ll meet regularly with you to analyze how we can better serve you, cutting off inefficiencies, enhancing JIT inventory solutions, sourcing key products and researching solutions for unique applications._x000D_ _x000D_

State-of-the-Art Systemized Tracking Systems

_x000D_ Because Epco cares about your satisfaction, we have systems and processes in place that minimize mistakes. We understand the importance of your systemized tracking systems and pay close attention to detail. Your service and deadlines are important, and it’s our goal to make it easy for you to succeed._x000D_ _x000D_

Optimized Efficiency, Sourcing, & Supply

_x000D_ We know “efficient” is your middle name. That’s why we’ve crafted our service offerings to enhance the efficiency and convenience you need. Combine that with our expertise in sourcing and supplying repair & service items, and you have a real win on your hands. You’ll even have more time for the truly important tasks on your list._x000D_ _x000D_

Premium Industrial Products That Fit Your Plan

_x000D_ Do you have a well-developed system for distributing supplies to your manufacturing floor and repair staff? We know maintenance departments like the back of our hand. Getting you everything you need is our priority. Stocking your internal supply is our specialty. Can we give you a hand?_x000D_ _x000D_

Discount Service Tier Options

_x000D_ Epco’s experienced professionals understand that every business is different. That is why we created our structured pricing tiers that offer unique discounts and prices depending on your business needs. Take a look and compare our Venture, Production, and Enterprise tiers and decide which one is right for you!
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Service Packs

_x000D_ Are you impatient with supply chain discrepancies and availability lags? We know efficiency is key in your enterprise. We have just the solution! Get more of our team’s time and focus, so it takes less of yours–right where it counts! Sign up today.
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The Epco Sales Advantage

_x000D_ Epco Sales makes it easy for you to choose a service plan that is right for your business. Our proven service plans and dedicated approach to customer service is designed to exceed the expectations of our customers. Our steadfast approach to provide the best possible customer experience is backed by our ongoing commitment to excellence._x000D_ _x000D_
  • Friendly Hands-On Service
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  • All Types of Fasteners In-Stock
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  • Next Day Delivery on All Stock
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  • Personalized, 1:1 Service
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  • Straightforward Pricing
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  • Fast & Friendly Approach
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  • Legendary Product Quality
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Contact Epco for Factory Industrial Supplies Today

_x000D_ For more information regarding our custom service plan options for your factory business, get in touch with our sales team or give us a call at 574-825-9750 and we will gladly answer your specific questions. Epco Sales is your trusted source for high quality industrial supplies and friendly customer service.