Serving fasteners,
abrasives, lubes, and
more to northern IN &
southern MI

We serve industry, manufacturing, metalworking and
ag. If you use fasteners, abrasives, power transmission
products, and lubes, you’ll love what we offer.

Whether, Farm, Shop, or Factory, We Have a
Service Plan for You


You have enough to do. No need to hassle with supply details. Put a loyal partner on your team, one who knows their stuff. We’ll serve up just what you need, when you need it. Discover the freedom! Get stuff done.

Small or large, your
business matters.

All things great start small. We help rising stars sparkle as they grow. And we help keep them bright when they are big. No matter your company size, our pricing tiers and service packs are designed to make you shine.


Keeping you rolling - that’s our game. That’s why our warehouse is always full of action in working hours. From our daily routes to expedited options, you’ll get it when you need it, delivered with a smile.


We believe in top quality at straightforward prices. Have you ever experienced fading promises, sneaky price creep and other notorious sleights of hand in the supply chain world? Not with us. We like it out front. Fair and square.

Product Quality.

As pricing pressure and commoditization have manufacturers scrambling for the almighty dollar, all too often the losers are the guys at the end. We don’t put up with that nonsense. Using rigorous selection processes, we ensure topline quality. Even if an import fits your need best, we make sure it’s a good one.

Forward Thinking

Winning tomorrow is as important as winning today. Our base tier pricing is designed to give you wings at any level, and to make it easy to grow. Choose from our ingenious service packs, designed to make your life easy. Join an ongoing service experience that’ll make you grin.