At EPCO Sales, we are passionate about providing our customers with exceptional, personalized service. Our add-on services are designed to meet our customers' unique needs, including our custom discount pricing tiers for customers with registered retail merchant certificates. Our pricing tier service offers unbeatable pricing for customers with large and recurring product orders. With various levels of discount tier pricing, you can find the best pricing tier for your industry's requirements.

Pricing Tiers at EPCO Sales

Tier 1: Trade Tier

The Trade Tier is the first tier in our discount pricing system. With no volume requirement, the Trade Tier is an accessible way for smaller businesses to get several of the benefits for our wholesale customers. Benefits of the Trade Tier include:
  • No minimum volume requirement
  • Up to 17% discount from product list prices
  • Reduced restocking fee for returns (10% compared to 20%)
  • No charge for Expedited Deliveries
  • Reduced delivery charge ($11)
wholesale pricing discounts

Tier 2: Venture Tier

With a $500 minimum volume requirement, the Venture Tier expands the list of benefits available. With a 40% discount from list price and EZ Order Service, the Venture Tier presents an excellent opportunity for small-to-mid-size businesses to gain significant savings on industrial products. Benefits of the Venture Tier include:
  • $500 minimum annual volume requirement
  • Up to 40% discount from product list prices
  • Monthly bin checking
  • EZ Order Service
  • Reduced delivery charge ($9)

Tier 3: Production Tier

The Production Tier is an ideal tier for mid-to-large customers with recurring orders. The minimum annual volume requirement is $2,000, with several enhanced benefits that provide substantial savings on larger orders. Highlights of the Production Tier include:
  • $2,000 minimum annual volume requirement
  • Up to 45% discount on product list prices
  • Bi-weekly bin checking
  • EZ Order Service
  • Reduced delivery charge ($6)

Tier 4: Enterprise Tier

At an annual volume requirement of $10,000, our Enterprise Tier is the best option for high-volume customers with large recurring orders. This top tier includes all of the benefits of the lower tiers, along with several additional benefits:
  • $10,000 minimum annual volume requirement
  • Up to 48% discount from product list prices
  • Weekly bin checking
  • Reduced delivery charge ($3)
  • Annual account review

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At EPCO, we care about our customers' success. As an experienced fastener and industrial supplier, we work hard to ensure our customers receive the best products for their applications at an excellent value. In addition to our discount pricing tiers, we offer custom VMI solutions, service packs, and more. From supplies for personal home use to bulk orders of fasteners for commercial factory applications, EPCO is your source for premium industrial products and personalized customer service.

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