Epco Sales work area


Around the clock, the businesses and consumers across the state, nation and world are relying on you to deliver. The Epco team is in sync with the heartbeat of the behind-the-scenes supply chain that keeps you rolling. Whether you’re cranking out metal components, assembled products or equipment, we are behind you, supplying fairly priced products and outstanding service.

Customized Service

Your maintenance department and component buyers need options. Our sales team will customize a plan to get you just what you need, when and how you want it. We’ll meet regularly with you to analyze how we can better serve you, cutting off inefficiencies, enhancing JIT inventory solutions, sourcing key products and researching solutions for unique applications.

Parts bins filled with with Epco Sales supplies

Unmistakably Helpful

Because Epco cares about your satisfaction, we have systems and processes that minimize mistakes. We understand the importance of your systemized tracking systems and pay close attention to detail. Your service and deadlines are important, and it’s our goal to make it easy for you to succeed.

Making More Time For Efficiency

We know “efficient” is your middle name. That’s why we’ve crafted our service offerings to optimize the efficiency and convenience you need. Combine that with our expertise in sourcing and supplying repair & service items, and you have a real win on your hands. You’ll even have more time for the truly important tasks on your list.

Our Products For Your Plan

Do you have a well-developed system for distributing supplies to your manufacturing floor and repair staff? We know maintenance departments like the back of our hand. Getting you everything you need is our priority. Stocking your internal supply is our specialty. Can we give you a hand?

Discounts that reward you

Sign up for the service tier that best suits you

Venture Production Enterprise
Requirements Enrollment form Retail certification $125/Quarterly minimum Enrollment form Retail certification $500/Quarterly minimum Enrollment form Retail certification $2500/Quarterly minimum
Base Pricing Up to 40% off Up to 45% off Up to 48% off
Precise Quantity
EZ Order Service
Annual Account Review N/A Available by Request
Delivery Charge $9 $6 $3
Bin Checking Monthly Bi-weekly Weekly
Expedited Delivery
(Additional to Delivery Charge)
Rush Fee: No Charge
Rush Fee: No Charge
Rush Fee: No Charge
Restocking Fee for Returns 10% No Charge No Charge

Service Packs

Are you impatient with supply chain discrepancies and availability lags? We know efficiency is key in your enterprise. We have just the solution! Get more of our team’s time and focus, so it takes less of yours–right where it counts! Sign up today.

No Service Pack
(bare bones)
$0/mo Bin Stocking: N/A Bin Installation: $60
Owl Pack
$24/mo Monthly Bin Stocking Bin Maintenance
recommended 3
Hawk Pack
(Monthly Service Perks)
$49/mo All of 2+ Free Delivery Free Bin Installation Exclusive Monthly Sales
recommended 4
Falcon Pack
(Bi-weekly Service Perks for Moderate Volume)
$84/mo All Previous + Bi-weekly Bin Stock Bin Configuration Changes Bin Inventory Usage Analysis Vending $90/mo/machine
recommended 5
Eagle Pack
(Weekly Service Perks for High-Volume & Entry-level Vending)
$164/mo All Previous + Weekly Bin Stock Private Labeling* 2 Free Emergency Deliveries/mo Vending $70/mo/machine

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