Spill Absorbents

At EPCO, we understand the importance of maintaining a safe and clean work environment. We also know that spills and leaks are inevitable. However, with the proper spill-absorbent resources, they don't have to disrupt your workflow. We distribute spill absorbents for industrial applications so you can quickly take care of spills and leaks. From granular Floor Dry for oil and chemical spills to universal spill pads and absorbent mats from PIG, EPCO has the resources to keep your shop in top shape.

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Spill Absorbents for Oil, Antifreeze, and Other Chemicals

Our ready-to-ship stock of spill absorbents and hazmat safety supplies includes universal absorbent mats, specialty floor dry, and more. Need a hard-to-find item for your application? Contact our team, and we'll help you get the best absorbent products for your requirements.

Oil Absorbent

Our oil-absorbent products are specifically designed to soak up oil spills and leaks. These absorbents are hydrophobic, meaning they repel water but attract oil. This allows you to quickly contain and clean up oil spills without spreading the mess. Oil-absorbent products include PIG Oil-Only Absorbent Mat Pads, Floor Dry Concentrated Instazorb, Nviroclean Spill Remediation Product, Floor Dry Diatomaceous Earth, and more.

Chemical Absorbent

We carry chemical absorbent products formulated to handle specific chemicals, including acids, antifreeze, and solvents. These specialized absorbents neutralize the chemicals, rendering them safe for disposal. Chemical absorbent products include Nviroclean Spill Remediation Product, Floor Dry Concentrated Instazorb, Floor Dry Diatomaceous Earth, and more.

Universal Absorbent

For situations where the type of spilled liquid is unknown, or you need a solution for general-purpose use, EPCO offers universal absorbent mats and pads. These rolls of all-purpose absorbents can handle a wide range of liquids, including oil, water, and a range of chemicals. PIG Blue Absorbent Mat Pads and Heavy Mat Rolls, PIG Gray Absorbent Mat Pads and Mat Rolls, and Workwipes Bag of Rags (Rewashable) are all used for universal spills.

EPCO is Northern Indiana's Industrial Supplier

In addition to our comprehensive line of spill-absorbent products, we carry a wide variety of fasteners, tools, and other industrial supplies. With our flexible service plans and dedicated approach to customer service, you can get the resources you need in a recurring timeframe that works for your schedule. When you choose EPCO as your supplier for absorbent products and other industrial supplies, you can count on:
  • Friendly Hands-On Service
  • Fast Order Processing and Next-Day Delivery
  • Personalized Service Plans
  • Straightforward Pricing
  • Top-Of-The-Line Product Quality 

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Questions about ordering our spill-absorbent solutions? Contact us, and our staff can help you select the right absorbent and hazmat protective products for your application. You can also request a quote online to receive pricing estimates on special orders. EPCO is your source for absorbent mats, pads, Floor Dry, and other spill absorbents in bulk.