As an industrial resource supplier, EPCO carries a wide range of premium bearings, including ball bearings, roller bearings, oil seals, and rod ends. Our high-quality bearings are produced by top manufacturers, providing reliable bearing solutions for various power transmission applications.

Styles of Bearings at EPCO

EPCO supplies several styles of bearings. Each type of bearing has advantages for specific applications. If you have questions about which bearings to use for your job, contact us online, or call (574)825-9750, and our staff will happily assist you.


Bearing mounted economy

Ball Bearings

Ball bearings contain a series of round machined balls encased between two bearing rings within a housing. Ball bearings are used to carry loads with very low friction. Ball bearings are found in a wide range of devices, including:
  • Driveshafts
  • Gearboxes
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Small engine components & repairs
  • Transmissions

Roller Bearings

Roller bearings feature cylindrical rollers rather than the machined balls used in ball bearings. Roller bearings provide linear support for the load, ideal for use on rotating shafts. Common applications for roller bearings include:
  • Automotive applications
  • Heavy-duty rotating machinery
  • Industrial agriculture equipment
  • Medical manufacturing and equipment
  • Power generation

Oil Seals

Oil seals provide a lubricated bearing between a rotating shaft and a stationary surface. Oil seals are used in various applications, including:
  • Automotive components
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Oil refining equipment

Rod Ends

Rod ends feature an eye-shaped head with a shank that houses a plain bearing or bushing. These special bearings correct misalignment issues, joining steering links and other machine-controlled tie rods. Rod ends can be found in a wide range of applications:
  • Automotive steering systems
  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Robotic arms

EPCO is Northern Indiana’s Trusted Distributor of Industrial Grade Bearings

Contact us to learn more about our high-quality bearings. Located in Middlebury, Indiana, we supply the Fort Wayne, Grand Rapids, and Lansing surrounding areas with premium industrial and farm equipment resources. EPCO offers personalized supply services to ensure that you receive the products you need on a schedule that works for you.