Steel Detachable Chain

Steel detachable chain is a customizable chain designed for agricultural applications, including agricultural conveyor systems and manure spreaders. It is manufactured from special hot rolled strip steel and then heat treated for high strength and long wear life. With an extensive range of size and strength options, steel detachable chain provides a versatile chain solution for various equipment and industrial uses.

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As a trusted industrial distributor, we supply customers with premium steel detachable chain and other industrial products at competitive prices. Order from our wide selection of steel detachable chain, attachment links, and spreader web today for fast order turnaround.

Steel Detachable Chain, Attachment Links, & Spreader Web at EPCO

At EPCO, we distribute premium steel detachable chain, attachment links, and spreader web. Our selection is available in a wide range of sizes. Not sure which detachable chain and attachment links are best for your application? Contact us, and our staff will help you find the right steel detachable chain for your requirements.

Steel Detachable Chain in #25, #32, #32w, #55, & More Sizing Options

We distribute steel detachable chain and attachment links in US standard sizes, each in 10' sections. Our on-hand sizing options range from #25 to #72 and #S detachable chain. We also distribute other sizing options for special orders.

Strength Range for Steel Detachable Chain

Our steel detachable chain is available in various strength ratings, ranging from 950 lbs for light-duty applications to 6,800 lbs for heavy-duty industrial use.

Industrial & Agricultural Applications for Steel Detachable Chain

Steel detachable chain is used broadly in industrial and agricultural applications. They are often used in conveyor systems, making them ideal for transporting crops and other materials. Because steel detachable chain has a wide spectrum of strength ratings, proper care should always be taken to be sure that the appropriate chain rating matches the industrial application. Common uses for steel detachable chain includes:
  • Crop conveyor systems
  • Manure Spreaders
  • Hay conveyors and elevators
  • Grain conveyors
  • Material handling equipment
  • And more

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EPCO is a trusted industrial supplier located in Northern Indiana. In addition to steel detachable chain, we supply customers with roller chains, sprockets, and other power transmission equipment. Our customers come from a wide spectrum of industrial sectors, including commercial factories, shops & resellers, farmers, and more. Whether you need tools, electrical components, heavy-duty fastening products, or other industrial supplies at competitive prices, EPCO is your one-stop solution.

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