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Grease Fittings

Grease fittings, also called zerks or nipples, are used in equipment to apply grease for lubrication. Grease zerks are essential for equipment care and maintenance, as proper lubrication prevents wear and damage. If your grease nipples need to be replaced, EPCO has you covered.

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Looking for an industrial distributor for your power transmission supplies? EPCO is here for you. We supply industrial and commercial customers with high-quality fasteners and industrial products. Contact us to learn how EPCO can keep you fully stocked with grease zerks and other power transmission product assortments.

Grease Fittings for Industrial Equipment at EPCO

At EPCO, we distribute grease fittings and tools for industrial equipment. Our ready-to-ship selection of grease nipple styles includes straight, angled, button head, and drive fittings. With coarse, fine, BSP, and NPT threading options, we can get you the best grease fittings for your application's requirements. You can also order grease fittings kits and thread checkers from EPCO.

Types of Grease Fittings

Need a specific size and style of grease fitting for your equipment? Our selection of grease nipples includes a wide range of zerk diameters, lengths, and styles, including:
  • Button Head Grease Fitting: Button head grease fittings have a flat, low profile head and are used in rugged applications and designed to handle high volumes of lubricant. 
  • Straight Grease Fitting: Straight grease fittings have a straight design. They are simple to install and are ideal for situations where the fitting is not exposed to excessive contaminants.
  • Angled Grease Fitting: Angled grease fittings are available for applications that require an angle for accessibility. EPCO distributes angled grease fittings in 30, 45, 65, and 90-degree options.
  • Drive Zerk Grease Fitting: Drive Zerk grease fittings feature a ribbed shank, allowing them to be installed by pressing or driving them into a hole. They are often recommended for low to medium pressures and for easy and quick installation.

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Located in Middlebury, Indiana, EPCO has been supplying farmers, machine shops, manufacturing plants, and other industrial customers with high-quality fasteners and industrial supplies for decades. Our custom bin stocking and VMI services ensure your inventory stays fully stocked with a delivery routine that works for you. With flexible bulk ordering options, we go the extra mile to help you get the right products and supplies for your application.

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Contact us to learn how EPCO can supply all your grease fittings and industrial products needs. For pricing information on special orders, request a quote online. Choose EPCO to be your source for fasteners and industrial supplies.