Ball Bearings

Ball bearings are components that utilize metallic balls to maintain separation between raceways within the bearing. In industrial settings, ball bearings are used in machinery to enable a shaft's rotational movement with minimal friction. At EPCO, we distribute ball bearings in various styles for industrial applications, including pillow blocks, take-up units, and flange ball bearings. For industrial-grade ball bearings and other bearing products at wholesale prices, choose EPCO.

Ball Bearings & Bearing Inserts for Industrial Applications at EPCO

As a full-service industrial distributor, EPCO has a wide selection of industrial ball bearing styles for multiple applications. From pillow blocks to hanger units, EPCO can supply you with the best ball bearings for your application.

Radial Ball Bearings

Radial ball bearings is a term used to denote ball bearings with a cylindrical outer race and with the inner race and outer race usually being the same width.  They are often used in electric motors and other industrial and agricultural applications.  Our radial bearings are usually pre-lubricated with grease contained with rubber seals.


Disc & Harrow Bearings

Disc & harrow bearings are designed for tillage equipment. They are manufactured with heavy-duty triple lip seals for extra protection from the extremely dirty environment.

Flanged Ball Bearings

Flange ball bearings feature housings with mounting holes, allowing the bearings to be easily bolted to a frame. They are available in various configurations, including 2-bolt flanges, 4-bolt flanges, and piloted flanges, each designed to meet specific mounting and load-bearing requirements.

Pillow Blocks & Tapped Base Pillow Blocks

Pillow blocks are bearing housings with a mounting base and an integrated bearing insert. They are designed to provide support, alignment, and ease of installation for rotating shafts, typically for low-load applications like conveyor systems.

Take-Up Units

Take-up units are designed for shaft adjustment and belt tightening by allowing adjustment of the bearing position. Take-up bearings consist of a guide frame, positioning screw, and mounting hardware.

Hanger Units

Hanger units consist of a housing with a bearing insert that hangs from an overhead structure using a shaft or rod. These ball bearings are used in applications where space constraints or specific mounting requirements make overhead suspension of the bearing necessary.

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