Cutting Tools and Cutting Blades

At EPCO Sales, we offer a comprehensive selection of cutting tools and blades to tackle any project, big or small. From rapid hole-making in wood surfaces to precision metal machining applications, we have the devices for the job. With versatile bulk ordering options, custom service plans, and fast order turnaround, EPCO is your source for industrial cutting tools.

Order using the links to each product below, or contact us for more information on EPCO's supply of premium cutting tools, blades, and milling devices.

Tools for Industrial Cutting, Shaping, & Milling Applications

Our inventory of industrial cutting tools includes blades and drill bits for cutting, drilling, shaping, and milling applications in construction, woodworking, metalworking, plastic fabrication, and other demanding industries. We have cutting tools and blades for all materials, including wood, plastics, and metal. Whatever your project requires, EPCO has you covered.

Drill Bits & Tools for Hole-Making

We have a wide selection of hole-making tools in various materials and sizes to tackle any project. This includes everything from standard wood and metal drill bits to masonry bits and specialty options.
  • Carbide Tipped Tool Bits: Superior durability and wear resistance in metal, plastic, and composites
  • Annular Cutters: Create clean, large-diameter holes in sheet metal and other materials
  • Forstner Bits: Forstner bits create clean, flat-bottomed holes in wood
  • Reamers: Used to enlarge existing holes to a precise size
  • Hole Hogs: Bi-metal saws made for fast and clean hole cutting in wood and metal
  • Hole Saws: Designed to drill precise holes in wood, plastic, and drywall
  • Drill Bits: We distribute a wide selection of drill bits, from standard twist drills to masonry bits and more
  • Countersinks: Countersinks create a tapered hole for countersunk screws

Tools & Blades for Cutting

Our cutting tools include a broad range of blades for numerous industrial applications and materials. We also distribute tube cutters for pipe-cutting applications.
  • Tube Cutters: Tube cutters make clean cuts on copper, PVC, and other tubing
  • Blades: We distribute circular saw blades, reciprocating saw blades, jigsaw blades, and more

Tools for Precision Machining

Our ready-to-ship stock also includes tools for precision machining and milling applications. These heavy-duty tools are made from premium materials and are used in metal milling and shaping applications.
  • Woodruff Keyseat Cutters: Woodruff Keyseat Cutters can mill precise seating in shafts and parts
  • End Mills: High-performance end mills for machining applications
  • Carbide Burrs: Carbide burrs can shape, deburr, and refine workpieces

EPCO's Advantage: Top-Quality Supplies, Fast Shipping, Friendly Service

As a leading industrial supplier in Northern Indiana, EPCO provides farmers, factories, resellers, and other industrial customers with high-quality resources. With an extensive in-stock inventory, we fulfill orders quickly, offering fast delivery options to ensure you get your products with minimal turnaround time. When you choose EPCO to be your distributor for cutting tools and other industrial supplies, you can trust that you'll receive:
  • Personalized support to help you get the best products for your application
  • Quick order turnaround and delivery options
  • Custom service plans and bin-stocking solutions tailored to your needs
  • Bulk ordering and competitive pricing on all products

Contact Us to Learn How EPCO Can Be Your Supplier for Blades, Drill Bits, & More

Contact the team at EPCO to learn how we can be your all-in-one supplier for industrial cutting tools, blades, and other machining devices. For pricing estimates on special orders, request a quote online. Need other cutting tools? Check out our abrasives, threading tools, and hand tools. EPCO is your one-stop source for industrial cutting devices.