Self Locking Nuts

Epco carries a wide variety of lock nuts at wholesale prices. Lock nuts are used in a range of applications, including heavy machinery, structural applications, furniture assembly, and much more.

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Find the Lock Nuts You Need at EPCO

Epco carries a range of lock nut styles for almost any job. Types of locknuts at Epco include:

Nylon Insert Lock Nut (Nylock Nuts)
Nylon insert lock nuts, also referred to as nylock nuts, are popular lock nuts that consist of a hex nut with a fixed nylon collar ring. The nylon collar forms a tight fit on the threading of a bolt, restricting movement from vibrations. Nylon insert lock nuts are ideal for use where a tight seal is needed, or where repeated shaking could loosen a nut. Nylon insert lock nuts are usable for a wide range of applications, but should not be used in high-temperature environments exceeding 250° as the nylon portion of the nut can melt.

Reversible Lock Nut
Reversible lock nuts have an irregularly shaped thread in the center of the nut. This center thread allows the nut to firmly grip a bolt for a stronger hold than nylock nuts. Reversible lock nuts can be threaded onto a bolt from either end of the nut.

Top Lock Nut
Top Lock nuts are lock nuts with irregular threading at the top of the nut. This irregular top threading allows the nut to create an extremely strong grip. Top Lock nuts thread on from the bottom of the nut, allowing the threads to fasten to the bolt before tightening. While top lock nuts thread to a bolt from only one direction, they are typically easier to thread than reversible lock nuts.

Free Spinning Lock Nut
Free Spinning nuts are special lock nuts that thread freely onto a bolt until the base of the nut is pressed against a surface. Free spinning lock nuts thread from one direction, providing an anchored base to secure the nut. The base either has serrations or an attached star washer to prevent it from loosening.

Flex Type Lock Nut
Flex lock nuts are all-metal lock nuts with a round collar on one end of the nut. The collar is sectioned with slots above each corner of the nut. The slotted portions of the nut expand when tightened against a bolt, creating the locking action.

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