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  • Plow Bolts

Plow Bolts

Plow bolts, also called scraper blade bolts, are specialized fasteners designed for use in heavy-duty agricultural and industrial applications. They are characterized by their large size and sturdy construction, which allows them to withstand high levels of stress and torque. Plow bolts typically feature a square neck and a flat, countersunk head that sits flush with the fastened material's surface.


Agricultural Machinery, Horse-Drawn Equipment, & More Applications for Plow Bolts

Plow bolts are often used in applications requiring heavy-duty, permanent fastening, such as in the construction of heavy industrial equipment and vehicles. Plow bolts can also be used in applications where the fastener is exposed to high levels of vibration or shock, including horse-drawn equipment and agricultural machinery. True to their name, they are used to fasten plowshares to plows, and cutting edges to snowplows as well as to scrapers and buckets. Due to their durability and strength, plow bolts are a popular choice for transportation applications where safety and reliability are essential.

Wholesale Plow Bolts in Bulk at EPCO Sales

At EPCO, we distribute premium fasteners at wholesale prices. Our extensive inventory includes high-quality plow bolts in various sizes and finish options. Plow bolts are available in inch sizing, with a diameter range of 3/8” to 1” and a length range of 1” to 6”.

Plow Bolts Material & Finish Options

Our plow bolts are available with multiple finish options, each offering various strength and corrosion resistance levels. Material and finish options for plow bolts at EPCO include:
  • Grade 5 Steel
  • Grade 8 Steel
  • 170M Steel
  • Plain
  • Zinc/Clear

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