Industrial Nuts

Epco Sales stocks premium nut fasteners for any trade, industry, or project. We have worked with farms, shops, and factories of all sizes since 1978. At Epco, we offer the industrial nuts you need to get your job done right. Whether you are looking for hex nuts or wing nuts, we have you covered.

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Hardware Nuts, Hex Threaded Inserts & More In Stock from Your Trusted Distributor

Hex Nuts
FinishedbHex nuts’ outer diameter is six-sided, named after a hexagon. These nuts are one of the most common fasteners, and their internal threading allows them to pair with other threaded fasteners.

Get your precision ACME heavy hex nuts from Epco Sales. We have left and right-hand nuts and square thread nuts in stock in different diameters and TPI.

Wheel Nuts

Wheel nuts are used mostly in automotive applications. We have both tapered and regular wheel nuts in stock depending upon your specific needs.

Cap Nuts
Also known as “acorn nuts,” cap nuts are distinguished by their unique smooth, domed shape. Designed to cover exposed thread, cap nuts offer safety and a finished look.

Slotted Nuts
Slotted nuts have cutouts designed for locking with use of a cotter pin. These lower profile nuts can be compared to castle nuts and are typically used in low-torque applications.

Coupling Nuts
Coupling nuts are long hex nuts commonly used for joining threaded rod or bolts. Also known as extension nuts, their hex shape allows for easy adjustment with a wrench.

Flange Nuts
Flange nuts have an enlarged circular base that acts as a washer to prevent any loosening. The serrated flange helps to distribute the load and create a locking effect.

Square Nuts
Typically used with a square head bolt, square nuts have enhanced torque due to their greater surface contact area. Avoid any damage and increase assembly strength by adding a flat washer.

Self Clinching Nuts
Self clinching nuts have a serrated edge to prevent rotation. These nuts are held with a parallel force squeezing the nut head.

Spring Nuts
This self-locking fastener is one piece and reduces the need for lock washers and spanners. Spring nuts, also known as twil nuts have a single-thread design that allows for easy application and removal, making these nuts reusable.

Wing Nuts
Wing nuts can be tightened by hand, offering manual turning and installation. These threaded nuts work great for applications that require frequent adjusting, loosening or removal.

Tee Nuts
Tee Nuts (or T-Nuts) have metal prongs that embed into wood, particle, or composite material to offer a flush surface and better gripping power. Their name comes from their resemblance to the letter “T”.

U-Type Nuts
These nuts are also called “spire nuts” or “chimney nuts”. U-Nuts are used to fasten components and provide a secure hold on the thread.
Once you’ve found the hardware nuts required for your specific application, check out our wide inventory of fasteners including bolts, washers, and abrasives.

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At Epco Sales, we focus on industrial fasteners used in the metalworking industry. Our fastener distributor line includes over 7,000 different parts including imperial and metric in all grades and in materials such as brass, stainless steel, steel, and aluminum. If you have questions regarding any of our nut’s material options, contact a knowledgeable service rep.

We know that we can provide the hardware nuts your project requires. Let us know if you don’t see what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you find the industrial nuts you need.

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