Socket Fasteners

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Socket fasteners (socket head cap screws, Allen screws) utilize a cylindrical head and hexagonal socket center to secure two materials together in various industrial applications. As an industry-leading fastener distributor, EPCO offers quick shipping on low and high volume socket fastener orders. We take pride in forming human relationships with our clients, and we are committed to supplying you with the highest quality fasteners and customer support required to meet your application needs. Our Northern Indiana office has daily delivery routes and straightforward service plans on all orders of Button Heads, Flat Heads, Socket Heads, Shoulder Screws and Set Screws in various sizes and materials.

We also offer specialty service packs and tier pricing options. Check out our wide inventory of Allen head screws and other high-quality industrial supplies for your custom application below. Not sure where to start? Ask our sales staff and let us find a solution to your socket fastener needs or Request a quote today.

Socket Fastener Product Offering

We offer socket fasteners in a variety of materials and sizes. Stainless steel socket fasteners are available for applications requiring added corrosion resistance. Learn more about our different socket fastener options below.

Button Head Socket Cap Screws

Button Head socket cap screws are fully threaded and offer a rounded, lower-profile head than standard socket head cap screws. Button head cap screws don’t feature any sharp angles, preventing damage to surrounding components and allowing for a more visually appealing assembly.

Flat Socket Head Cap Screws

Flat Socket Head cap screws feature a tapered screw bottom and a flat top. These screws require a countersunk hole and are popular for applications where the screw can’t protrude from the mating item’s surface.

Socket Head Cap Screws

Socket Head cap screws are designed with a fully or partially threaded screw and an internal hex socket drive that reduces the screw surface area. Socket head screws eliminate the need for side clearance for use in compact assemblies or applications that require multiple screws in the same area.

Shoulder Screw

Shoulder Screws, or shoulder bolts, feature a non-threaded section (shoulder) under the screw head that has a larger diameter than the threads to allow for free rotation while the threaded section keeps the screw securely in place. Shoulder screws are ideal for use in pulleys, linkages and a variety of applications with moving components.

Socket Set Screws

Socket Set Screws secure an object within another object, such as fixing a pulley or gear to a shaft. Socket set screws have no head so they can be screwed into the hole with the top of the screw flush with the surface and are capable of handling high torque when tightening.
They are often used in high-stress applications such as engines, transmissions, and suspension systems, where reliability and safety are paramount.

Socket Fastener Related Products

It is imperative to use the proper tool when installing socket fasteners to prevent fasteners from being stripped or even compromising the reliability of the assembly. Socket fasteners are typically installed with an Allen Key, also known as a Hex Key or Allen Wrench. The hexagonal-shaped tip of the Allen Key matches the socket for tightening and loosening.

Additional tools used with socket fasteners include Ratchets, Torque Wrenches and Impact Drivers. Check out our selection of handheld tools, including hex keys.

Socket Fastener Applications

Socket fasteners are some of the most popular fasteners due to their reliability and cost-effectiveness. We offer socket fasteners in a variety of materials and sizes. Stainless steel socket fasteners are available for applications requiring added corrosion resistance. Socket fasteners are often used in high-stress applications with moving components such as engines, transmissions and suspension systems. Some popular industries include:
  • Machinery
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Construction & More

Why Choose EPCO for Socket Fasteners

We understand that your business needs are completely unique, that is why we custom tailor our product deliveries to your requirements. Our pricing tiers and service packs provide an easy and affordable way to get the industrial supplies you need when you need them. Our proven service plans and dedicated approach to customer service make it easy to continually provide a customer-first approach that exceeds the expectations of our customers. 
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