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  • Carriage bolts

Carriage Bolts

Carriage bolts, also known as carriage screws or coach bolts, are a type of fastener featuring a round head and square neck. The smooth, dome-shaped head protrudes from the attached surface while the square neck prevents the bolt from turning as it's tightened. The threaded portion of the bolt is located beneath the neck and is inserted into a pre-drilled hole. Carriage bolts are commonly used in building and construction projects to secure heavy timber and lumber. Coach bolts are also used in decorative applications where the protruding head adds a unique visual element to the design.

Carriage Bolts: Round Head Square Neck Bolts at EPCO Sales

At EPCO, we distribute premium carriage bolts at wholesale prices. Available with coarse and fine threading options, carriage bolts feature a low-profile design ideal for securing parts in tight spaces. Common applications for carriage bolts include constructing wooden structures such as decks, fences, and sheds, where they are used to secure beams and joists. Additionally, carriage bolts are sometimes used to assemble furniture, where they can be used to attach legs, arms, and other components. Overall, the versatility and strength of carriage bolts make them a popular choice in woodworking and other industrial applications.

Metric & Standard Carriage Bolt Sizing Options

Our extensive inventory includes high-quality carriage bolts in metric and standard US sizing. Standard size carriage bolts include a diameter range of #10 to 3/4" and a length range of 1/2" to 18", while metric size have a diameter range of M6 to M12 and a length range of 16mm to 70mm.

Brass, Stainless Steel, & More Coach Bolt Material Options

Our carriage bolts are available in multiple material options, each offering unique characteristics for various applications. Contact us if you have questions about which carriage bolt materials are best for your application, and our team will gladly help you find the best fasteners for your job. Material options for carriage bolts at EPCO include:
  • Brass
  • Class 8.8
  • Grade 5  Steel
  • Grade 8 Steel
  • Grade A Steel
  • 18.8 Stainless Steel

Black Oxide, Galvanized, & More Coach Bolt Finish Options

Our carriage bolts are also available with various finish and coating options. Finishes for carriage bolts at EPCO include:
  • Plain
  • Black Oxide
  • Galvanized
  • Zinc/Black
  • Zinc/Clear
  • Zinc/Yellow

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