Wood screws have multiple uses, the most common is using them to join 2 or more pieces of wood together. Wood screws also are used to attach a piece of hardware to a wood surface, provided the hardware has a pilot hole drilled to accomodate the unthreaded portion of the screw. A wood screw is recognized by it's course threads and a lack of threads on the upper portion of the shank. This unthreaded portion of the screws improves the ability of the screw to draw 2 pieces of wood together.
This unthreaded portion of the wood screw shank makes them an unsuitable replacement for sheet metal screws, not to mention the threads on a wood screw are not designed to cut into metal which often results in a less than optimum bond.
Since wood expands and contracts with changes in relative humidity wood screws are specially tempered to bend rather than break in order to maintain their fastening properties while the wood adjusts with changes in humidty. 
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