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Flat Washers

Flat washers help to prevent looseness by increasing the bearing surface area of a bolt or screw while also reducing surface pressure on a particular area. These general-purpose washers can be used in numerous applications.

Lock Washers

As their name suggests, these washers are designed to lock fasteners in place. Because lock washers are split, their design helps to secure fasteners that either rotate, loosen, or lose friction. Lock washers can also be used with a flat washer to protect the assembly and are also called split washers, star washers, external tooth washers, and internal tooth washers.

Machinery Bushings

Machine bushings, plain bearings, and machinery bush washers are commonly used as a spacer on shafts. These machine washers help to reduce friction and resist abrasion.

Fender Washers

Fender washers are mainly used in the automotive industry. They are visibly unique with a much greater outside diameter than inside diameter, making the central hole appear smaller.

Bevel Washers

Unlike other washers, bevel washers are sloped on one side. Their angled design will correct the angle on an I-Beam flange and similar applications, so you have a level surface for bolting. 

Quick Repair Washers

Sometimes referred to as snap or split washers, quick repair washers are commonly used in the agricultural industry. These washers are hinged, so they can be fastened by tapping the two pieces shut with a hammer.

Finishing Washers

Finishing washers (or countersunk washers) have an area that protects and holds the head of a fastener. These washers offer a flush surface once secured and come in multiple shapes.

Spacer Washers

Spacers from Epco Sales are made of thick nylon and come in different sizes and thicknesses. These fasteners are mainly used to increase distance between two parts.

Shoulder Washers

Shoulder washers are commonly used to insulate fasteners and protect from electricity or moisture. Their cylindrical sleeve design pairs with a cutout and separates the bolt or screw from contact with the material it’s fastened to.

Neoprene Bonded Washers

These washers are helpful for preventing leaks or sealing joints. Neoprene bonded washers, or sealing washers, provide cushioning in applications that require more delicate materials.


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