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Bent Pins

As their name indicates, bent pins feature a distinctive bent design that can be disconnected and reconnected using a cotter pull pin. These pins provide a low-cost fastening solution in many industrial and agricultural applications. As a distributor of wholesale fastening products, EPCO supplies bent pins in various styles, including bent clevis pins and bent hitch pins crafted from carbon steel. With multiple sizing options available, EPCO is your source for wholesale bent arm pins at great prices.

Bent Clevis Pins, Bent Hitch Pins, Bent Pull Pins, & More

Our selection of bent pins includes bent clevis pins, bent hitch pins, and more. These bent pins create a reliable and strong fastening solution for various industrial applications. Questions about our selection of bent pins? Contact us, and our staff will gladly help you find the best bent pins for your application's requirements.

Sizing Options for Bent Pins

Bent pins are available in various diameter and length options, including:
  • Diameter range: 5/8” - 3/4"
  • Length range: 2 1/2" – 5"

Material & Finish for Bent Pins

All our bent pins are manufactured from tough carbon steel and feature a zinc coating, providing rugged strength and good corrosion resistance. These robust pins can handle heavy loads, making them ideal for heavy-duty jobs in industrial environments.

Your Distributor for Wholesale Bent Clevis Pins, Bent Hitch Pins, & More

As your trusted wholesale fastener distributor, EPCO offers competitive pricing and volume discounts on bent clevis pins and other industrial supplies. With versatile ordering options and volume discounts, you can be sure you're getting excellent prices on premium products. Benefits of choosing EPCO for your bent pins and other fastening supplies include:
  • Customer service that focuses on your needs
  • Competitive pricing with versatile pricing tiers
  • Reliable, high-quality fasteners
  • Convenient services, including VMI solutions and bin-stocking services
  • Quick order turnaround, fast shipping, and custom delivery options

Contact Us to Learn How We Supply Your Bent Arm Pins

If you need a fastener supplier you can trust, EPCO is here for you. From various styles of pins to other rugged industrial supplies, EPCO has the resources and services to keep your inventory fully stocked at great price points. Contact us to learn more, or request a quote online for pricing information on your order. EPCO is your distributor for bent pins at wholesale prices.