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Epco Sales offers premium industrial bolts for any trade, industry, or project. Since 1978, we have worked with farms, shops, and factories of all sizes. We carry the hardware bolts you need to get your job done right the first time. Whether you are looking for hex bolts, carriage bolts, or structural bolts we have you covered.

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Industrial Bolts for Manufacturing, Construction, Contractors, Repairs, and More

Hex Bolts
With a six-sided head, this bolt is named after a hexagon. Hex bolts offer a wide range of uses from steel fabrication and agricultural manufacturing and repair to securing and fastening different materials.

Carriage Bolts
Also called round head square neck bolts, the square necks on these fully threaded bolts prevent the bolt from turning as it’s tightened. You will commonly see carriage bolts used to fasten metal to wood or wood to wood.

Plow Bolts
Used in applications where flush mounting is needed, these bolts have a flat countersunk head, threaded shaft and square neck. Plow bolts are similar to carriage bolts, but they’re used in bulldozers, plows, and heavy-duty construction equipment.

Step Bolts
These threaded bolts are often used to fasten steps for climbing electrical towers and steel structures. Our step bolts come with zinc finishes.

Elevator Bolts
As the name suggests, these bolts are used in conveyor and elevator systems. Their thin countersunk head has a square undercut which prevents the bolt from turning as it’s tightened.

Eye Bolts
We offer eye bolts in both steel and stainless steel. Often used for lifting applications and suspension with rope, cable and wire, eye bolts are rod-shaped with one end looped and the other threaded.

Flange Bolts
Also called frame bolts, these bolts have a circular flange that acts like a washer, which distributes the load and increases the bearing area. Industrial flange bolts are typically used in frame applications like bed frames, vehicles and truck frames.

Lag Bolts
Lag bolts, or lag screws, secure heavy materials to wood. These bolts are one of the strongest fastener types used with wood and create their own thread when used in wood.

Structural Bolts
In order to be used in structural connections, these bolts have shorter thread lengths and a larger head size. Structural bolts from Epco Sales are made of high-strength steel and come in plain and galvanized finishes.

Square Bolts
These bolts are designed to offer an easier wrench grip for tightening with their square head. This versatile fastener is used for various agricultural, industrial, and construction purposes.

This bolt got its name from its shape: the letter “U”. U-bolts are threaded on both straight ends and primarily used to support pipework.

Thumb Screws
These screws allow for hand-adjustment, making it easier to tighten or remove them without tools. Thumb screws are often used in service panels and safety covers for machines and electronics.

Wheel Bolts
Wheel bolts are common for many German-built cars and agriculture equipment. Different from lug nuts and wheel studs, wheel bolts are uniquely shaped and designed to secure the tire & wheel assembly of specific makes and models.

Square Head Set Screw
The square head provides easier wrench tightening. These fasteners are made of steel and come in a plain finish for light applications.

Once you’ve found the threaded bolts for your specific application, check out our inventory of nuts, washers, and self-locking nuts.

Top-Quality Materials Used in Our Fastener Bolts & Screws Inventory

At Epco Sales, our fastener inventory includes many different types of bolts. We focus on industrial fasteners used in the metalworking industry. Our fastener line includes over 7,000 different parts including imperial and metric in all grades and in materials such as stainless steel, steel, and aluminum. If you have questions regarding any of our bolts material options, contact a knowledgeable service rep for more information.

We know that we can provide the industrial bolt your project requires. Let us know if you don’t see what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you find the hardware bolts you need.

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